Two days out...

From Pat's recent email. Important stuff here that bears repeating.

The 2016 EOD Undefeated Bike Ride is just a couple days away. I have updated the general info about the schedule, ride and post ride celebration I provided a couple weeks ago.

Key updates

- Roll time for Saturday has changed to 8 AM.
- Dinner Saturday will be at the hotel at 6 PM.
- Base access info to include a placard for those without normal base access.

Finish your Fundraising

Continue to push on the fundraising; it is never too late to get someone to donate a few dollars. For accounting purposes it would be ideal to have the majority of the donations by Oct 8. This will allow us to write a really big number on the really big presentation check. Remember the goal is to raise much-needed funds for wounded EOD techs and their families, and the families of the fallen.

If you have donation checks (preferred because it saves the HAKUAPP processing fee) for the EOD Warrior Foundation send the donor’s name, address, and the donation amount to Helle Rosenak (  Helle will update your fundraising page. Once you have confirmation the donation has been added to your account mail the checks to:

701 E. John Sims Parkway
Suite 305
Niceville, FL 32578

Please put your name and the ride you are participating in on the check. You can also bring any checks and turn them in at the start of the ride.

What to Bring

Please remember to bring a photo ID! You must present this upon entering Camp Pendleton.
You will have to carry your bags and bike into and out of your room, and load luggage into the van each morning, so the smaller amount that you bring, the easier you will make it on yourself.  Experience has shown that the following list will see you comfortably through the ride:


- Bike jersey and bibs or shorts (preferably one from a previous UNDEFEATED Ride). The 2016 UNDEFEATED kit will be given to you Saturday at dinner. Be prepared to wear your 2016 UNDEFEATED kit on Sunday. We’ll do the traditional group photo Sunday morning.
- Two pairs bike socks
- Two base layers (if you wear them)
- Vest/arm warmers/knee warmers should the morning rollout be chilly.
- Warm clothes for the evening
- Swimsuit for pool/Jacuzzi at the hotel
- Casual clothes and shoes for Saturday night and the post ride event
 Personal items

- Toiletries
- Towel for a shower after the ride Sunday
- Any medications needed
- Cell phone/charger
- Sunscreen
- Cash for entertainment

 - Helmet (this is mandatory)
 - Bike shoes
 - Gloves
 - Sunglasses
 - Chamois cream (if you use it)
 - Basic Flat repair kit (tube/frame pump or co2/tire levers)
 - Water bottles
Prepare your bike for 150 miles on the road

Now is a good time to get those last minute repairs done.  Do you need new tires or cables; are the gears and brakes adjusted and working properly?  We’ll have a mechanic along for the trip, but he will have limited spare parts and is for emergency repairs only. Don’t wait until the last minute.
The mechanics at Matt Myers’ Trek South County shop would be happy to help get your bike ready. Give yourself 5 days to a week before the ride. One-day turnarounds are not possible.

901 Lane Ave
Chula Vista
(619) 216-9123

Those coming from out of town, if you need help with a loaner bike or building your bike, contact Matt at the Trek shop or by email (
Start/Finish Location and Directions

The start/finish of the ride and Post Ride Bash are at the San Onofre Beach area on Camp Pendleton. If you do not have normal base access (this applies to civilians) you will be entering through San Onofre State Beach –California State Park. Take the Basilone Rd exit off I-5 (exit 71). Head west to old HWY 101. The park entrance is just a short distance south past the stop light. You will enter Camp Pendleton at the south gate on Beach Club Rd (see the attached map).  Gates open at 6 AM. Make sure you print the placard at the below link and place it on your dashboard to enter the State Park and base. You must have a picture ID.
Instructions for those with military IDs: If you have normal access to Camp Pendleton you can enter the event area through San Onofre State Beach or through the north gate from the main part of the base. The north gate is open around the clock. Entering through the north gate will help minimize the traffic through the San Onofre State Beach that will have a line of surfers. Take the Basilone Rd exit off I-5 (exit 71). Head east on Basilone Rd to the San Onofre Gate into Camp Pendleton. Continue on Basilone Rd past the gas station and take the first right onto Beach Club Rd. This road will take you to the San Onofre Beach area north gate, which is open 24/7.
Overnight Parking

You can leave your car in the parking lot on Camp Pendleton where we are starting Saturday morning and having the post ride bash Sunday afternoon. See the map for the parking areas.
Saturday October 8 — Day 1

Pre-ride brief will be at 7:30 AM with a 8 AM roll time. Please be check-in, and have your water bottles full and tires pumped up ready to roll before the pre-ride brief. Route cards will be passed out and van support will be discussed at the brief.
Day 1 route:
Reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn Irvine/OC Airport, 2381 Morse Ave., have already been made and paid for to cover all the riders. Keys and room numbers will be distributed upon arrival at the hotel for Saturday night.
Dinner will be at the hotel at 6 PM. This will be a group dinner covered by your registration fee. The goodie bags, with the 2016 kit will be passed at the hotel.
Sunday October 9 — Welcome 1-Day Riders!

Arrive at Hilton Garden Inn Irvine between 6 and 6:30. Check in with Jen Gee in the lobby. She will provide you with your paperwork and your kit (if you ordered one).

Day 2 Riders

Breakfast vouchers will be given to you at the hotel. Breakfast will be a buffet that starts at 5 AM.

Pre-ride brief and the group photo will be at 7 AM with a roll time after the photo is complete.

Please make sure your luggage is loaded in the van and you are ready to roll before 7 AM. Please wear your 2016 UNDEFEATED kit.

Take your military ID or drivers license with you. You must present photo ID upon entering Camp Pendleton.
Day 2 route:
Showers will be available at the end of the ride. You have to bring your own towel Your bags will be waiting for you when you arrive.
Post Ride Event

The Post Ride Bash will be from 12 to 4 PM at the San Onofre Beach area on Camp Pendleton, San Onofre Beach Club.  (see the attached map). The Taco Guy will be serving from 12 to 3 PM. Riders will be given a meal voucher. Family and friends attending the event should enter through the south gate. If they have normal base access they can enter through the north gate also. Invite your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to join us for the celebration! We do need to provide Camp Pendleton with a list of guests. Please use this link to register the guests you think may be attending the Post Ride Bash and for the details for the Post Ride Bash. Make sure your guests print the placard at the below link and place it on their dashboard to enter the State Park and base. You must have a picture ID.
E-mail Pat ( if you have any questions.


San Onofre Beach and Camp Pendleton