Thank you!

Hello Riders,

We hope you have finally cooled down after the blazing hot weekend of Oct 9 - Oct 11, 2015 of the CA EOD Undefeated Ride. Thank you for sweating it out with us!

Your All-Volunteer Organizing Committee has been busy tying up loose ends, curating the photo collection (Check the out links to the galleries below), and tabulating the totals of our Celebration Event and all of your fundraising efforts from all the rides.

The running total is ... $215,131.17

Thanks to the efforts of all of our EOD Undefeated Riders, from VA, FL, TX, CA, NJ and on bases around the world, the EOD Undefeated Ride series has raised funds and awareness for EOD Warrior Foundation!

The CA Ride alone has raised $131,801.17!

EOD Undefeated Ride CA Top Fundraisers

We are so impressed and humbled by your efforts. Thank you!

    • Steve Burke $13,525 And he rode over 4,400 miles across the country this summer to raise awareness and funds.Total miles including the EOD Undefeated ride = 4,600!

    • David Lukas $8,575

    • Team Bobcat - Gregg and Karen Ritchie $5,625

    • Pat Scanlon $5,490 And he served on the organizing committee and made the corn hole games for the silent auction!

    • Brian Gawlik $3,600

    • Ted Lucas $3,200 And he organized the TX ride too!

For those of you who have turned in donations in the form of a check, but you don't see them currently reflected in your fundraising totals, please contact Jamie