Six weeks out...

We are now just 6 weeks out from the 2015 Undefeated 2-Day Ride (10-11 Oct) and the deadline for registering is right around the corner…a number of you have expressed interest ; but have not yet signed up…now is the time!
This is an event Kevin and I started in 2009 and one he was very proud of because it is the biggest fundraising event for the EOD Warrior Foundation. He was passionate about this event because it supports EOD service members who were severely injured in the line of duty and their families caring for them throughout their long recovery process. 
First off, remember that almost everything is taken care of for you, all you have to do is get in a bit of training, raise some money, and enjoy yourselves as you pedal down the beautiful Southern California coastline.
You can register for the Undefeated 2-Day Ride from the EOD Warrior Foundation website (
You can also support our EOD wounded heroes by sponsoring a rider (
I look forward to seeing your registration and seeing you on the road.
Feel free to reach out with any questions related to the ride