Kevin's Rule

Kevin Childre had a rule.
When you rode your bike with Kevin; it was always fun; frequently hard and sometimes you even learned a life lesson…
Over the years I have no idea how many miles I have ridden with our friend; sometimes just the two of us, sometimes in groups both large and small. 
And while I don’t remember every ride – one sticks out. August 1997; east county San Diego – which equates to hilly and HOT.

It was just Kev and I out riding the back roads of the county and it was hot; we were many miles into the ride, in the middle of nowhere, didn’t have enough water and we were both suffering when out of the haze an oasis appeared – a lemonade stand being manned by a couple of 8 or 9 year old kids.
Without saying a word we both stopped; drank 3 each; overpaid and enjoyed some of the worst lemonade ever tasted.
While the two of us were sitting on the curb – contemplating getting back on our bikes; Kevin turns and says – “never ride past a lemonade stand”
Yesterday at the very end of a Sunday ride; three blocks from my house was a lemonade stand manned by a couple of 8 or 9 year olds.. I stopped – had a couple, overpaid and thought of our friend
Kevin Childre had a rule; I encourage you to remember it every time you ride – spread the kindness…